Kadie Rackley

Kadie is a doctoral candidate in the Human Development, Culture, and Learning Sciences program at the University of Texas at Austin. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and the Honors Program at St. Edward’s University.aster’s degree in Quantitative Methods.  Her research focuses on discrimination and stereotyping experienced by women and racial and ethnic minorities, factors that buffer against these experiences, and how these interact to affect academic achievement, career choices, and mental health.
Kadie currently works as a graduate research assistant and as an assistant instructor. She teaches an undergraduate seminar course titled Intergroup Dialogue: Topics in the Psychology of Race & Gender at UT Austin. Also, she taught an undergraduate Adolescent Development course at St. Edward’s University. Kadie has also served as the graduate student coordinator of the Department of Educational Psychology Subject Pool. In this position, she managed the active studies and maintained communication with the roughly 1300 students, the researchers, and the course instructors. In addition, Kadie serves on the board of directors at the Trinity Child Development Center, one of only five local nationally-accredited early childhood education centers that actively serves low-income families.

Email:  [email protected]